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  1. Sorry… I was referring to Hitler & Muliissno… NOT Stalin when I made that last comment. Stalin was a Satanic monster through and through… caring for nothing but his own power.

  2. – more could be done to end the epidemic of drug use, especially among our young people. Gretchen Bergman has taken up the drug policy cause. She has created a website and speaks to the issues that plague

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  4. Nikki, I’m so pleased you like the new work! Its all your fault for convincing me to play with the watercolor canvas last year when we were plein air painting. I’ll try to bring some smaller watercolors on canvases to my exhibition in Fairbanks in March. Perhaps I should include working on canvas in the workshop we are planning. Lets talk about it. Thank you for all the inspiration YOU bring to our shared endeavors and for appreciating that writing can be part of the creative endeavor too.

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